Listen to Modern Problems Radio Show!

Hey! Make sure you listen to Modern problems radio show every thursday night from 8pm-10pm!!



@DaveyLove (tweet tweet) Is being super duper awesome and mentioning my attempt to raise $2,020 for The Breast cancer Deadline :2020 =)


They are also huge supporters of HemiGirl Entertainment, which The HemiGirl Melissa Teixeira(CEO) started…. and is becoming very well known … and will continue to grow after she was featured on HillbillyHandfishin on Feb.8th,2012… yes, she went noodlin’ and It was HILARIOUS!

Im happy to be Marylands HemiGirl Hottie =)

So… you definitely should listen in tonight, and every thursday night, capeeesshh?!

(Tonight, HemiGirl of the year will be on the show too!! lol there are hemi’s everywhere! aahh!)



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