Hello Darling..Lingerie?! WHAT?! =)


If you are interested in getting some lingerie and other goodies, I HIGHLY suggest you go to www.darlinglingerie.com !

Darling is AMAZING! She seriously drove over 2 hours to come to a calendar shoot and provided wardrobe for a calendar I created.. she is awesome!

She was offered the opportunity to go to VEGAS BABY! in April and help the infamous Edson Carlos with wardrobe!

Because of this…   she is offering a 20% off discount (promo code: Viva) on her site… woot woot sale time! 😉


PS: if you recognize the awesome blonde holding the big gun on her site… that is sooo me! haha =) Have fun shopping ladies and gents! ♥

   yepp..thats me 😉 haha


Gotta share the bargains! duh! 😉

Leave me some love..

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