Model Mayhem-Good & the bad..


So… this post is one of the important ones I was talking about. The reason I say this, is because if you ARE or WANT to be in the industry…  you either have a model mayhem account, or your about to make one..

Model Mayhem is a great site for aspiring models, as well as established models. I pay $10 a month for “VIP” membership, which basically means…. I can upload  A LOT of photos, send unlimited messages,post castings,etc…

They do have a free membership though, which I’d recommend if you are brand new to the site.

There are soo many model sites out there that charge money, but MM is the ONLY one I will ever pay for. They have castings all over the world, so no matter where you live, your bound to find a lot of people in your area in the same industry, and dont even know it!

I have received so many amazing opportunities through model mayhem (including: going to San Diego, LA, working with BmoreGETUP (promo for Ravens), working with numerous designers, and amazing photographers).

For me, the $10 is worth it.

My portfolio is … Check it out! 😉


Let me first tell you why I am writing this blog now… Last night, around 3am, I received a message on my MM and the subject was “Contract”. So of course, I go to look at it immediately!

Now, If this was 2 years ago, when I first started modeling, I would have started to jump for joy! But over the years, I have learned the hard way that there are SOOO many scammers out there.

Here is what the message said, and then I will explain a little further..

“Hi and how are you doing,think i should let you know that I’m a Photographer as seen on my profile,and also let you know that  your picture captured my attention,then I had to go through your profile.I would like to inform you that I want to use your picture on a  WEBSITE for an advert for a new product of animal food which agent gave me as an assignment,If you are interested,Please get back to me as soon as possible to get more information at iange***
Regarding the Wage aspect, you would be paid the sum of $2500 and I  hope you will make this photo shoot a great one through commitment and diligence.I will get back to you with the necessary papers to officialize and legalize this contract ,I look forward hearing from you soon….

Before I show you my response.. I want to point out some red flags!

(Also, He did not have a profile photo- and he joined 2 days ago) – thats RED FLAG #1

#2) The biggest and most obvious one for me is… “Email me asap to get more info @…a email”  . Ive been through these scams a few times now… never for animal food lol..But its the same concept. Once you give them your email… expect A LOT of spam. They also ask you to do that so it’s not on MM… Meaning, the moderators can not see it.  (***REMEMBER THIS TOPIC-BELOW,WILL BE MORE INFO!)

#3) He should have never told me the “paid sum” for the shoot, without providing me more information, and with the contract.

#4) …. Is it just me, or did he say he wanted to USE MY PICTURE ON A WEBSITE…as in, using one I already have.. Then offering me $2,500 to shoot. This guy wasn’t thinking straight…

Like I’ve said, Ive been through this before…

What would have happened, is… I would have received an email from this guy,saying “Oh we sent you to much money,please send us back $2,000”. You’d deposit the check,and send the $2,000 back.

A few days later.. you’d get a call from the bank saying it was a fraud check. You are liable for the money….


PLEASE be careful on these sites. they are wonderful! But there are creepy people on there too!

Any questions?

Just ask! =) thank you<3


  1. I’m new to the site, I just joined today, im hoping to get print work. I’ve been looking on (uggh scam central) I submitted to (very real) but they asked me to expand my book and Show proof of past work I did as a background actress. I’m just keeping hopeful it’s nice to see another shorter girl modeling too. BTW I’m 5’4″ too 🙂
    Thanks for your post. You can check out my wordpress at

    • Hey! I almost missed your comment, I apologize for taking so long respond! I am actually over at now 🙂 And Ive been working on a blog series, specifically for models new in the industry/building their portfolio.
      As for model mayhem, I highly highly suggest paying the $10 a month (Instead of sticking to their free version). As long as you stay on top of things like: Checking their casting calls frequently, find photographers in your area and FR them (as you’re looking through their photogs, comment on them! This will catch their attention), Stay on top of your inbox. There were times when A photographer messaged me about an awesome opportunity that was going on that weekend… After missing 2-3 of those messages, I quickly learned my lesson lol.
      MM is amazing when it comes to building your portfolio. A large percentage of the photographers on that site are open to doing TF shoots, just make sure you check their photos first (so you know whether they are good at what they do or not), and I recommend checking a couple of their references.
      Unfortunately, I had to stop modeling 3 years ago due to a permanent injury. I miss it so much. But, I started at 22 yrs old (which is kinda “old” for the modeling industry lol), I am 5’4 ;-), and not a size 0. I was also a freelance model.. with all that said, I have been published in 4 magazines as a model (and a 5th one as a monthly column writer for an international fashion magazine), published on numerous websites, represented many designers, and have worked with many brands. And I can honestly say that it was all because of Model Mayhem.(Make sure you’re always Networking at photo shoots as well). I had some beyond amazing opportunities roll in at the same time of my injury, so I wasn’t able to do them.
      Sorry for rambling! hehe I haven’t had the chance to talk about modeling in a long time! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can find me on the blog that I mentioned above 🙂
      Don’t give up hope.. Keep up the hard work, and it will all pay off. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by! (I wish I remembered everything that I wrote on this post lol.. it’s been a while!) I will take a look at your blog right now!
      Thanks again!
      Heather Lynn

      • Thank you Heather for the information!! I’m jut now seeing your comment and its definitely cheering me up!! I’m so sorry to hear about your injury as well. I hope all is better with you and your health. I totally missed out on shoots because I wasn’t checking my emails on MM. I’ve done some new shoots with photographers on Instagram and I had offers from Facebook. The shoots were lingerie kind of things. Not so much my style, but it added another dimension to my portfolio. I met a guy on the street walking home last week and he booked me for like 2 gigs so far. Today I had a video shoot and the mua didn’t do my makeup so well . i ended up contouring and highlighting my face by myself !! Ugghs. And yes I’m so glad I can talk modeling with you. I rearly get to go into detail regualry with my friends. I will definitely check out your blog. Its such a journey! I hope you can get back into it in the future. I’m sorry I’m commenting late as well. I just saw your response today.

        • And now 3 months later… lol I apologize. WordPress doesn’t notify me when I get comments on here anymore for some reason.
          I had to take a break from working on my blog series for Models that I mentioned in my last comment, due to health reasons :-(. But now, im back at it,and will be using this blog space for “exclusive members” who sign up for my “How to become a Freelance Model” series. Which will provide the different ways to get your modeling career started… while on a tight budget. Including Hair/Makeup techniques you can do yourself so you don’t have to hire an MUA or Hairstylist, how to find a photographer- and the safety tips involved with that, and much more. A lot of it will be on this is basically going to be an extension of Heathers Treasure. I’m definitely not done with things (im also making checklists and other PDF’s), so it’s going to be a while. But, i’d be more than happy to check out your portfolio, provide some helpful tips, answer any questions,etc. If you’d like! I can’t let my 4 years experience go to total waste lol.
          It’s probably best to email me though lol. I am just setting this thing up right now, I don’t know when I’ll actually be back on this account. Here’s a quick way to contact me 🙂 I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing that in the last message lol.
          Hopefully we will talk soon! 🙂
          Heather Lynn
          ps: A majority of my posts on HTreasure can be helpful for Models! Like all the hairstyle tutorials, beauty & fashion hacks, makeup tutorials,etc. Thats where I learned everything, so some of it should be useful! lol

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