Seize the moment

Hey everyone!! 🙂

Like I’ve said in previous posts… This industry is all about networking, but your attitude and personality go along with that.

Make sure you are NOT acting like you know everything about modeling and the industry

 A) You don’t..Does not matter how long you’ve been in the industry.

2) It makes you look bad. If others look at you in a negative way, no one will want to work with you.

When you’re in a situation where you can meet new people, take advantage of it! People in the fashion/entertainment industry are amazing people. We all have the same goal… which is to express ourself through art. When you’re in a room full of talented and creative people, don’t sit in the corner and wait for someone to come to you… 9 times out of 10, they wont..

Make business cards with a professional photo on it, so you have something to hand to photographers, scouts, designers, other models,etc. And always look your best at an event, especially at an event relating to the fashion world.

One more tip I want to give, is help others out. If  you come across another female model who wants to start to model, but doesn’t know how to get into it,help her. Bring her along to a shoot, and see if the photographer could shoot both of you. Recommend your favorite photographers for her to contact, give her tips on posing,etc. Help others in the industry too. Most likely, you will need them at some point, and they will be there for you like you were for them

(Sunglasses are Starstruck eyewear from Trend Bungalow-Check out their FB pages! Clothing: Cat Reinheimer collection and Photography done by Dark Photography Designs. Model: ME! LOL Heather Lynn or “Morheather”)

Last summer, Tiffany, the editor in chief of Linger Magazine, offered me an amazing opportunity! She offered me a chance to have my own monthly column called “A models memo”. She also sent me to Baltimore fashion week to cover the event! I was extremely excited! Not only was I going to Baltimore fashion week, but I had a press pass and I knew I would have an opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people!!

And of course, I did!! =)

Sharan Nixon, the CEO/Founder of Baltimore Fashion week is an amazing woman and definitely had a lot on her plate. There were some major obstacles that she fought through,right before the event. But she did it, and the show was amazing! Since then, I have been able to keep in touch with her, as well as some of the designers!

One of the designers, is a local designer named Cat Reinheimer. Her clothes are very cute and sophisticated. I love it! I even got to do a shoot with her clothing! And the one and only Mark Weikert from Dark Photography Designs (DPD) did the shoot 🙂

 Take a look….

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