About me..

My name is Heather, also known as “Morheather” in the modeling world!

 I am 24 years old and live about 30 min. from Washington DC!

I’ve been asked quite a few times why I model..or why I started… well..Here ya go! =)

 If you asked me 3 years ago, “What will you be doing in 3 years?” many would be very superized with my answer….

My answer to that question would have been,” By then, I will have my Bachelors in Early childhood education, and I will be working with Kindergarteners in a school setting.”

Never in a million years would I think:

1)      That I would participate in a photo shoot!

2)      That my first photo shoot, that was strictly for fun, would turn into anything

3)      Over time, my first photo shoot, would turn into 45+ photo shoots!

4)      That I would consider myself a Model. At that time, my self esteem was at an ultimate low, I didn’t think a “girl like me” could mode l (Which I will explain later!). Plus, at the time, I had been working with children for almost 7 years!

  As of now, A models memo will be in Linger Magazine, on a monthly basis! I will be providing all of the trendy trend setters with advice, tips, and my over all opinion about the Fashion Industry. I will also be sharing all the amazing opportunities I have had in the past, as well as the awesome experiences I am participating in now, along with how I got them!

Make sure you go to www.lingermagazine.com and click on ” Current Issue”.. =)

A little over 2 years ago, I was working on my BA in Early childhood education, and going on my 7th year working with children! Who would have thought, that 2 years later, I am in the process of changing majors to Business Administration, with marketing as my concentration. Not only that, but I am no longer working with children. I have been paying my bills by working in promotions, modeling, marketing, and doing hair and make up on models for photo shoots.

I must say….It has not been an easy journey. I have definitely had my up’s and down’s, as well as rejections. But in the end, it’s a wonderful learning experience, and I have learned a lot about myself, and a lot about others.

Now, I have a passion for everything in the Entertainment industry! There is so much more to the entertainment world, than people may think. This is why I have decided to go back to school, to get my degree in Marketing!

On the personal side, I will tell everyone how I got started into the modeling industry…

In Spring of 2009, I moved back home from college, which was about 2 hours away.

I had a horrible college experience, which led me to eat…A LOT! Before I knew it, I was buying jeans 2x the size I originally was! I felt horrible about myself, very low self esteem, and didn’t think I would ever get back to the size I was before I moved away.

Well, It turns out, when you don’t eat 4 chocolate chip muffins everyday,fruit roll ups,etc… And you eat healthy, the weight drops off pretty quickly!

Four months after moving back from college, I was back to my original size. I felt so good about myself, that I wanted to keep working out, eat healthy, and get down to a size 5,which is a healthy weight/size for my height.

Well, I reached my goal, and had to do something special! I ended up contacting a photographer named Mark Weinkert from Dark photography Designs. I told him my story, and then scheduled my first shoot! Mark is an extremely talented, understanding, sincere gentleman. One shoot ended up turning into four shoots. At first, I did them for fun and to help myself with my self esteem.         

  Not only did it work, but I received a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to take it up to the next level.

I joined Model Mayhem,and that’s where I started to receive Amazing opportunities

In this industry, its all about networking, being professional, responsible, and prepared.

Through out my monthly column, I will be sharing more of my experiences, how I got them, I will also be providing my wonderful opinion about this industry, inside and out!

One thing I find very interesting, especially when I am looking through old photo’s of myself/family, people on facebook, in the magazines, etc. Is the varies styles and trends that change through out time, as well as location!

I, myself, LOVE vintage! And I am so happy that it is back in style!

See you again soon!!

❤ Heather Lynn

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