Hey! This is a Photographers point of view on models working for photographers!! Very good point of view! From: http://xoindphoto.wordpress.com/

XOIND Studios Blog

A recent photographer asked in a closed group asked how one goes about getting people to model for them other than their close friends. The photographer is someone who is relatively new to the “pro” side of photography and shows lots of promise of becoming a great photographer. This is probably something that is asked by several new photographers to the industry frequently.

First, let me say that I don’t pursue models like a romance. I won’t chase after models. The most I indicate is that I want to work with them three times. If they haven’t done anything but say they want to work with me for those three times, I let them go as potential models. There are two reasons for this: a) it takes a lot of time and effort you don’t have as a photographer, and b) they are much more likely to flake on you…

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